Rethink your Ink Tattoo Removal

A tattoo lasts forever. until now. If you've been living with tatted regret, there is a new option to safely, effectively and affordably remove unwanted ink with ease utilizing the Eclipse MicroPen TR™. This revolutionary product out performs dermabrasion, creams and laser treatments. For many, old-school removal techniques presented considerable downsides, from excessive expense and scarring to concerns about what happens to the nk in the body after a laser treatment. The tattoo removal pen utilizes the Mechanized epidermal Tattoo Removal (METR) technique to deliver superior results. The device, which works on most skin types and all ink colors erases tattoos using a specially developed process and natural solution. The ink is broken down and expelled from the body naturally with less potential risk than other removal methods. Don't regret it; remove it with Eclipse MicroPen TR™.

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How Micropen TR™ Works

Does MicroPen TR™ work on all tattoos?

Yes, utilizing the METR removal technique, the pen targets all colors, ages, sizes and styles of tattoo. Only natural products are used for the METR tattoo ink removal proccess.

What is METR?

The METR (Mechanized Epidermal Tattoo Removal) is a highly effective system for removing tattoos and semi-permanent make-up. The procedure is performed by trained professionals in a medical environment under the supervision of a physician. 

What happens to the ink?

METR technique causes teh tattoo pigment to rise to the surface during the healing process in the form of scabs. In approximately two-weeks, the scabs will fall off along with the ink?

How large of an area can be treated during a typical session?

It's recommended that the treatment area should be no larger than 6"x6".

How often can I be treated?

 The treated areas need time to recover before addressing an adjacent zone. It's recommended to wait 8 weeks depending on your individual body's healing process. 

Can I remove more than one tattoo at a time?

Several small tattoos can be treated at the same time. Ask your provider for details.

How many ink removal sessions do I need?

An entire tattoo is not treated in a single session. It is treated in segments to allow the area to heal correctly and reduce teh risk of scarring. The process is repeadted until the entire tattoo has been removed. During your consulation, your practitioner will estimate the number of required treatments.

Is the MicroPen TR™ process more affordable than lasers?

The Micropen TR™ tattoo removal process is typically less expensive and requires fewer sessions.